DiscographyAll songs written, recorded and mixed by myself

Here's a short discography about my past projects and bands.



  • 10th album by Incoherent Utterance!
  • Except "Don't belong in your life" there are only german songs on the CD! (for the first time)
  • "Entfaltung" (development) - the second album with german title.
    • to cause (something) to grow or become bigger or more advanced
    • to grow or become bigger or more advanced
    • to create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time
  • Played chimes in the song "Innere Zufriedenheit"
  • Played harmonica in the song "kleine geschichte"
  • Only 9 songs (as less as never before), but quite fast completion.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Lebensziel
    2. Unentschlossen
    3. Neufindung
    4. kleine gechichte
    5. Innere Zufriedenheit
    6. Enttäuschung
    7. Geständnis eines Verzweifelten
    8. Don't belong in your life
    9. Es ist fast soweit
  • Total playing time:  about 30 min.
more info 10th and actually the last Incoherent Utterance album. Too long ago...

Incoherent Utterance

  • First Incut CD!
  • After this CD a sound studio has offered us to attend their "Talent Development-Project". (several hours of conversation in which especially the creativity was praised)
  • Many songs are from the CD "Incoherent Utterance - Lonely Hole"
  • Guitars and bass were recorded only by Mario & Manuel.
  • "P.D.A.R.E." are 5 tied together songs!
  • "Accouchement" has a slightly different end...
  • "All the places I have been" was initially a very electric guitar-heavy song
  • "Used" called in the band "Marioneu", as well as "Expiry" as "Introlied"
  • Controversial is the title of "fall down" - because this is titled for some of the band as "falling down"
  • Everyone could decide on his own how much to "spend" for the CD.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Obscene
    2. Used
    3. Sleep with me
    4. Diary of my pain
    5. Never know
    6. Goodbye darling
    7. Time is not equal to activity
    8. Versöhnungshoffnung
    9. I'm okay
    10. Take my hand
    11. Illusion
    12. P.D.A.R.E.
    13. Excursion (instrumental)
    14. Not special
    15. Expiry
    16. All the places I have been
    17. Maybe
    18. Drive me home
    19. Fall down
    20. Verlust
    21. Accouchement
  • Total playing time:  70 min.
more info First and unfortunately last album by Incut.
A second album was planned, but there were too few songs done.

Breathe Hard (Demo EP)

  • Was recorded during a band rehearsal!
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Honest eyes
    2. Breathe hard
    3. Trust and betray
    4. Power of denial
  • Total playing time:  about 14 min.
more info First and last album with Cold Karma Circus. Played there about one year.

Lonely Hole

  • Most popular Incoherent Utterance CD.
  • In the end of the track "Lonely Hole (Rain)" was sung at the same time in English and German! ("Regen", rain)
  • The end of "Lonely Hole (Rain)" was composed with sound samples from GarageBand. (strings, flutes,..)
  • There's no bass guitar in the song "Spiderman".
  • The songs 13-17 are different parts of a story. These Songs give out a common song. (listen to the bonustrack)
  • The first verse and chorus to "Maybe" was written with Addy (Incut) wduring a "wine night".
  • "Versöhnungshoffnung" was first written for the band "Stereojunkies".
  • There is a music video to "Tragedy". With close-ups of "beautiful" elements of the environment such as flowers, guitar and cats
  • The end to "Time is not equal to activity" was inspired by the Beatles song "A day in the life"
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Versöhnungshoffnung
    2. Maybe
    3. Sleep with me
    4. Here I go
    5. Verzweifelung
    6. Illusion
    7. I'm okay
    8. Spiderman
    9. Tragedy
    10. Confusion
    11. Lonely Hole (Rain)
    12. Time is not equal to activity
    13. Possession
    14. Desire
    15. Aspiration
    16. Realization
    17. Expiration
    18. Bonus: 1317
  • Total playing time:  48:17 min.
more info 9th album by Incoherent Utterance


  • Should show that the "creative phases hole" is "closed". So this CD was published one day before "Lonely Hole".
  • "Disc 0 Nr.12" is a song about this "creative phases hole" - with 2 different drums at the end.
  • The title "Disc 0 Nr.12" was recorded with the old mixer console. Here the songs have no real names but were numbered.
  • "Interruption tracks" (for example 13.-23.) are between the individual songs. So there were no necessary to specify the total playing time.
  • Almost old songs for which there were no other use.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. 01. New begin
    2. 03. Little help
    3. 05. War, death, justice
    4. 12. Last begin
    5. 24. Part 2
    6. 25. Part 3
    7. 26. Part 4
    8. 28. Part 5
    9. 36. Show you heaven
    10. 84. Diary - changed
    11. 92. Piep
    12. 102. Disc 0 Nr.12
  • Total playing time:  cannot say.
more info 8th album by Incoherent Utterance

Worte Lügen Wahrheit

  • Played bass. Shortly after this CD the band was dissolved.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Stunden sterben
    2. Worte Lügen Wahrheit
    3. In meinen Träumen
    4. Eine neue Zeit
  • Total playing time:  about 14 min.
more info Stereojunkies - another german band.

Triumph Of Defeat

  • "Sad self injury 2006" was the first already existing song which was re-recorded.
  • There is an elaborate music video to the song "diary of my pain", which lasted about 3 months.
  • "Diary of my pain" is the oldest song by Incoherent Utterance on the first incut album!
  • "Auf ewig euer Fan.." was written shortly after the end of the band "Tagtraum".
  • "Schwester<3" begins with a sample of "Melancholy" by Inner Turbulence, technically changes.
  • There are hidden tracks on the last song "to be continued.." . For example unfinished songs, backwards song "diary of my pain" and "better life" and the whole track of the intro sample from the song "Schwester<3"
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Diary of my pain
    2. In search for more..
    3. Mask of lies
    4. Fake a smile
    5. Falling down
    6. Schwester<3
    7. Drug addict
    8. Boring and alive
    9. Auf hoher See
    10. Superhero (time has gone by)
    11. Sad self injury 2006
    12. Auf ewig euer Fan..
    13. Better life
    14. To be continued.
  • Total playing time:  46:21 min.
more info 7th album by Incoherent Utterance

Quot homines, tot sententiae

  • "In her mind" was the first attempt of a music video.
  • First CD which have recorded with e-drums. (due to a move.)
  • "Prescribe me" was the first song that was rehearsed with a "Incoherent Utterance" band, for a live performance.
  • Comparatively many songs with piano.
  • "Movie excerpts" includes movie quotes from Herr der Ringe, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Das kleine Arschloch, Knocking on heavens door, und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier, Nummer 5 lebt, From dusk till dawn.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. In her mind
    2. You're gone
    3. More than friends
    4. Pills
    5. Fall in love
    6. Murders
    7. Movie excerpts
    8. No friend
    9. Prescribe me
    10. It has changed
    11. Have no chance
    12. Im Schatten stehen
    13. What I am
    14. Concert visit
    15. Happy End
      • a) Feel better
      • b) Final
      • c) Open End
  • Total playing time:  48:33 min.
more info 6th album by Incoherent Utterance

Cries out of Subconscious

  • After each song follows a small piano sample.
  • Album cover by Luis (Incut).
  • Some songs have already been recorded with e -drums. (Intro, Live to be dead)
  • "Unrealizable dreams" was initially titled as unplugged, but it was not followed by another version.
  • Overall, a quiet album - many songs without drums (for example "know nothing about me", "only have your picture",..)
  • "My life is just a way to let the fire burn" only a bass and many "mario voices" / a "mario choir".
  • In "New Year" was the first time a violin and flute used!
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Cries out of Subconscious - Intro
    2. Conceal Emotions *
    3. Sad self injury
    4. My life is just a way to let the fire burn
    5. Epidemic of life *
    6. Find a different ending story
    7. Dying grief *
    8. Unrealizable Dreams
    9. Insufficient experience *
    10. Late verification that I need you
    11. Too much Circumstances *
    12. Only have your picture
    13. Abused society *
    14. Hope of offended humans *
    15. Frightened
    16. Created another anima (schizophrenia) *
    17. Absolute silence for my inner
    18. Disdaining carcasses *
    19. Live to be dead
    20. Devastating times *
    21. Know nothing about me
    22. Numbed insignificant person *
    23. New Year
    24. Outro *
  • Total playing time:  59:07 min.
* only piano more info 5th album by Incoherent Utterance


  • "Inside" with english movie quote of the film matrix.
  • Inner Turbulence singing for the first time! (songs 04-09)
  • "Misery" accompanied by bongos instead of drums.
  • A CD title was the main problem which solved quite easily in the end.. ;)
  • "Melancholy II" played only by Manuel
  • "Untitled I - III" again with electric guitars and more metal.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Inside
    2. Turbulence
    3. Hopeless
    4. Misery
    5. Incoherent Utterance II
    6. 06. Melancholy II
    7. Untitled I
    8. Untitled II
    9. Untitled III
  • Total playing time:  34:13 min.
more info Second album by Inner Turbulence - unfortunately the last one.

Psychopathically Perception

  • "Psychopathically Perception" begins with a song from the previous album and is terminated by a shout.
  • Poorly controlled electric guitars make a very raspy sound.
  • Half of the songs are more than 5 minutes (Ugly about 10 minutes)!
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Psychopathically Perception
    2. Be in the mid point
    3. Military
    4. Perfect together
    5. You're a chatterbox
    6. Ugly
    7. Your life will come back
    8. When I am dead
    9. Younger than today
    10. Ich werd ihn töten
  • Total playing time:  51:55 min.
more info 4th album by Incoherent Utterance

The electronic journey

  • "Filling stuff parts" are (as the name says) only to fill the album with some more trance songs, mostly feat. DaveDemon (Beats: DaveDemon, Melody: Incohernt Utterance)
  • The next album starts with a few secondes from the song "In death we rise"
  • "Fly in the sky" was the first cooperation project.
  • To "Fly in the sky" a music video was created.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Filling stuff part 1
    2. Die Reise ins Ungewisse
    3. Fly to the sky (vs. DaveDemon)
    4. Verschwundene Gedanken
    5. Filling stuff part 2
    6. Knockers (vs. DaveDemon)
    7. In death we rise
    8. Eine ruhige Seele im Getümmel
    9. Spooky (vs. DaveDemon)
    10. Filling stuff part 3
    11. The quest of reincarnation
    12. Stay freaky
  • Total playing time:  35:49 min.
more info Third album by Incoherent Utterance. Everything was created by computer music. (Supported by DaveDemon)

Inner Turbulence

  • First Inner Turbulence CD!
  • All songs are instrumental.
  • Mario: drums, mixing; Manuel: Kompositionen, guitars.
  • The beginning of the song "Melancholy" was later technically changed and sed in the song "Schwesterr<3" by Incoherent Utterance.
  • "Sensual" was modified from the song "Warum ich weine" by the band "Abschied von...".
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Spirit
    2. Collateral Damage
    3. Utopia
    4. Incoherent Utterance
    5. Sensual
    6. Melancholy
  • Total playing time:  25:28 min.
more info First album by Inner Turbulence

Remember Yourself

  • After the CD the band was renamed AufschrAi and the genre became german punk rock!. However, this band never managed to make a CD ready, but a live DVD.
  • In the last track the frontman drunk an expired "Klausthaler alkoholfrei"! :D
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Intro
    2. Land of the Free
    3. Patriotic
    4. 04. Mindfuck
    5. End of Peace
    6. Outro (oder auch: wie lecker Klausthaler alkoholfrei sein kann)
  • Total playing time:  17:37 min.
more info Collateral Damage, later known as AufschrAi.

Opinions to destroy

  • Too rapid completion of the CD. This ruins many good ideas.
  • "Gedankeneinschub auf weißem Pergamentpapier" only a bass and "talking".
  • "My real life" was composed in a band rehearsal of a short-term side project (Coverlieder Blink,Nirvana,..).
  • "My inner soul" was edited together from two different songs.
  • "Inner turbulence" and "don't forget your memory" agree in advance to the next album(Created with computer software).
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Ich überwinde auch dich
    2. Keiner ist da
    3. Gedankeneinschub auf weißem Pergamentpapier
    4. My real life
    5. My inner soul
    6. Ghostly steps of an unholy spirit
    7. Little girl
    8. Hate to live
    9. Make it your own way
    10. Eine Träne rollt
    11. Wiedergeburt
    12. Inner turbulence
    13. I want to tell you something
    14. Wieder alleine
    15. Don't forget your memory
  • Total playing time:  67:21 min.
more info Second album by Incoherent Utterance

Erinnerungen von Uns

  • The first Incoherent Utterance CD!
  • Intro begins with an unknown sample and the "Braveheart" speech.
  • "Des Tages Aufgabe" was the first Incoherent Utterance song ever, the bonustrack "Abschied" the second.
  • In the song "Erinnerungen von Uns" you can only hear a piano.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. Intro
    2. Angst vor Schmerz
    3. Erkennst du es denn nicht?!
    4. Krankheit/li>
    5. Time is just your whole life
    6. Des Tages Aufgabe
    7. Where is your God
    8. No Love
    9. Liebe & Tod
    10. The false man
    11. Erinnerungen von Uns
    12. My trust, where is your trust
    13. Goodbye
    14. Bonus: Abschied
  • Total playing time:  47:12 min.
more info The first album of my music project Incoherent Utterance

2000 Jahre Lügen

  • The song "Warum ich weine" was later modified to the song "Sensual" by Inner Turbulence.
  • Free interpretations in the song "Ein Glas aus grünem Eisen".
  • Lyrics and Music by Manuel and Ben.
  • First and last CD of the band.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. 2000 Jahre Lügen
    2. Der Einizge
    3. Insomnie
    4. Sinnbild meiner Liebe
    5. Er und Ich
    6. Ein Glas aus grünem Eisen
    7. Warum ich weine
  • Total playing time:  27:04 min.
more info Abschied von... was the first german-language band in which I played drums.

Spiritual Death

  • First and last CD by Haborym. But there where several songs already finishedfor the second CD
  • "Invention No.1" is a recording of a jam session.
  • Tracklist: 
    1. The serpent's kiss
    2. Confession of a masochist
    3. The death of god
    4. Spiritual Journey
    5. Invention No.1
    6. Bonustrack: Murder in the forest
    7. Bonustrack: Justification of war
  • Total playing time:  27:53 min.
more info First music project: Haborym - Black/Death/Speed Metal